Your family's home is our family's business. We are a custom home builder specializing in designing homes that meet your family's needs. Our in-house designer will walk you through finishes and colors to bring to life your dream home from start to finish.


Homes Customized to Fit Your Life

From start to finish, your home will be created to satisfy your design goals and specifications. Do you prefer large rooms for hosting social gatherings or family activities? Or are you a stay-at-home parent that requires space for an office? Maybe you need several rooms for a large family, or perhaps you want a perfect yard with a garden space. Do you need a custom-built workshop? Are you looking to finally have a large laundry room or kitchen with all the features you want? Our in-house home design professionals will help you ensure your new home meets all your expectations and needs. Nothing is impossible!

Homes for the Future

Your new home, built by Frans Construction, is designed for today and for the future. Your home is constructed using the latest construction technology that is built to last a lifetime. Frans Construction selects our housing development partners to find the best locations and emmenities available for our customers. Man-made lakes, sprawling parks, walking paths, attractive master plans, and public services are all available in your Frans Construction home.


Energy Efficient Houses

Ensure peace of mind and the comfort of your family with a custom-built home from Frans Construction. With double and triple paned windows that block solar heat and UV Ray, properly insulated garages, solid wood doors with no cracks underneath, roofing to last for years, well insulated exterior and interior walls, and solar panels, you’ll be able to have a warm and cozy home on cold winter nights, and a cool, refreshing house on hot summer days. When you have a newly built home with warranties on almost everything (some of our products have warranties lasting up to 25 years), you’ll be saving money on your utilities every month, and you’ll be environmentally friendly.

Residential Projects