Design-Build construction is a popular contracting method that is gaining traction throughout the country because it is much simpler than traditional methods of contracting.

Design-Build Construction.

Traditionally, you would go to an architect to get your plans drawn up for your project. Then you take it to your contractor and he says it’s going to take 1.5 million dollars to build the architect’s plan. That’s way more than you wanted to spend. Now you’re stuck going between the contractor and the architect trying to redesign and cut costs. You finally get the project cost down to 1.1 million, but now you’ve spent almost double what you first paid your architect for the original plans, which you inevitably had to change or scrap altogether.

Design Build Construction
How Does Design-Build Work?

How does Design-Build work?

That scenario obviously isn’t ideal, and unfortunately that’s the way it has worked for years. This is why Design-Build exists and is rapidly becoming the preferred method. Design-Build ensures value engineering early on. Here’s how it works: You start with the contractor first (us). The contractor already works with an architect, and they work together the whole way through. It’s one point of responsibility compared to three. We work with multiple architects in various states to deliver clients the Design-Build project they are dreaming of. Our team will meet on site and come up with preliminary budgets and drawings to fit our client's needs without wasting time or money.